Activities and Projects

Balesene’s ability to understand stakeholders’ interests and diverse policy priorities constitutes a critical advantage for management consultancy activities.

In 2016-18, Balesene assisted companies developing liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering services in Estonia, served as an intermediary between private firms and large Chinese state-owned companies, and provided advice on energy supplies to industrial facilities in Finland and Russia.

In 2019, Balesene OÜ conducted a study on energy security and gas markets in Estonia for the International Centre for Defense and Security (ICDS). The study addresses the energy transition to cleaner fossil fuels, particularly CNG and LNG.

Balesene OU cooperates with the leading Latvian business publisher Dienas Bizness and provides consultancy services to Latvian industry stakeholders.

The company is also involved in the development of an application (APP) for Electrical Vehicles for Indian market in cooperation with India-based service and IT companies.