Activities and Projects

June 2021 – onward: Balesene provides consultancy services to an Estonian hydrogen producer on EU fund-finding and liaisons

July 2021: A scoping study on Green Economy in Azerbaijan for the EU Delegation in Baku (main contractor: BKP Economic Advisors GmbH, Berlin) is now finished and accepted.

May 2021: An overview of liquefied biomethane projects in Europe, liaising startup producers with equipment suppliers

March 2021: A study on methane emissions in Azerbaijan in cooperation with Capterio Ltd.

In August 2020 Balesene received access to automated data collection on European piped gas and LNG physical volumes

2019-onward: Balesene has been providing policy advice to Latvian stakeholders on energy policy priorities for the Republic of Latvia in the context of the European Green Deal.

Konference “Enerģētikas nozares nākotne – izaicinājumi un iespējas”.

2019- 2020: Balesene provided an in-depth analysis on prospects for an APP for electric vehicles, provided market analysis for digital technologies in the transport sector, a prototype was presented

2019 : Balesene participated in climate policy debates in Bishkek, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Kyrgyzstan’s NGO’s – BIOM and Green Alliance


2019: Balesene conducted a comprehensive report on Baltic gas markets for the International Centre for Defense Studies, Republic of Estonia.

2016-17: Balesene liaised a Russian independent LNG company in promoting bunkering in Estonia and Latvia.

2018: Balesene assisted chemical industry in Finland and Pulp&Paper facility in Russia in decentralised gas supply options

2015-17: Balesene liaised Estonian companies with Chinese investors for LNG projects in Estonia. Balesene conducted a comprehensive analysis of small-scale LNG markets opportunities in Europe.