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European Green Deal is a paradigm shift, arising opportunities and challenges for Central Asia, discussion on Kyrgyzstan’s state TV (in Russian)

The objectives of a competitive gas markets in the Baltic states are often impeded by a low level of gas demand in the region

June 2019: Interview for Natural Gas World “Finding Common Ground in the Baltics”

The Baltic region is making a significant progress in developing functioning regional natural gas market, expanding and integrating the related infrastructure, and ensuring the security of supply.

June 2019: study on Estonia’s energy security and natural gas markets for the International Centre for Defense and Security.

Changes in Russia’s political economy have triggered a shift in the collection of oil revenues by the Russian government.

December 2018: Andrei Belyi describes the general context of Russia’s oil rent reform at the International Centre for Defense Studies

Thomson Reuters hosts a conference on small scale LNG in Europe and Russia

October 2018: Andrei Belyi delivers a speech at Thomson Reuters conference in Moscow on Small Scale LNG development

The main caveat here is that ships are required to use lower sulphur fuels but refiners are not restrained by any regulation to supply heavier-but-cheaper solutions. Hence, ships will still have access to heavier fuels.

September 2018: Dr. Andrei Belyi discusses with Natural Gas World about new markets for cryogenic fuels

The transformation of the natural gas market in the Baltic States and Central Europe: Has LNG become a game changer?

May 2017: Andrei Belyi participates at the Brussels Energy Club meeting

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