Programme on Energy transition

Programme on energy transition is dedicated to assist private companies in shaping their positions in the EU policies, in ESG strategies and in finding right finance opportunities for energy innovation.

A blog article on energy transition in north-eastern Estonia; transition regions

Discussing green finance: investing in clean gas technologies and in micro-liquefaction can be profitable and sustainable! Video for Asharq Business Bloomberg (Dubai)
Investing in renewables is not enough – we have to think about system reliability in addition (Video CBC Azerbaijan)

Letter to the Financial Times in reaction to a FT video on gas flaring: a difficult topic to be treated alongside methane emissions
A commentary on gas flaring for the Energy Central

Reactions to the European Commission’s package Fit55: future of LNG in maritime sector and special focus on social costs (with Florence School of Regulation)

How Green is the Green LNG? Co-authored Policy brief for the Florence School of Regulation argues that greater attention should be paid to methane emissions and gas flaring reduction. Negative emissions from from bio-LNG — have to be supported in the certification of Green LNG.

Collective article Azerbaijan’s opportunities and challenges in flaring and methane emissions for Natural Gas World, 25 March 2021.

Investing in Digital to go Green! Discussion in a post published at Energy Central.

Charting stations will require monitoring power flows for better efficiency

Hydrogen: hope or hype? Challenges, barriers, and the costs of the EU hydrogen strategy ==> Interview at Energy Informa Connect

Article in Gas Transitions – Natural Gas World ‘Missing Links in EU Hydrogen Strategy‘. Issues of cost, competitiveness, stakeholder engagement and regulation still form formidable obstacles to the success of a European hydrogen strategy. The present commentary will briefly highlight some of the major unresolved challenges in the demand, supply and transport of hydrogen.

A new tale without shale: Estonia’s energy transition from oil shale industry in focus. Blog article for the International Centre for Defense and Security

Oil shale legacy, Estonia, ida-Virumaa

Towards the climate neutrality! Policy Brief co-authored with Andris Piebalgs for the Florence School of Regulation, Bottom-Up Approach to the European Green Deal

” Growing pressure from society at large to take steps to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions has engendered a reassessment of conventional approaches to the EU’s natural gas sector. Gas industry will need to adapt to new realities and integrate new technological solutions in line with the path towards decarbonisation”

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